Random RummyRandom Rummy


"What a fun, challenging game! We have played rummy games for many years, but this is by far the most exciting, challenging game ever. We just can't quit playing!"
Gene & Evelyn, Marion, Indiana

"Great way to spend a fun evening with family and friends. Be ready for some friendly chatter with each other. Challenging, but easy to understand."
Gayle & Rich, Dawsonville, GA

"An exciting spin of an old favorite. Loved it! My family has really enjoyed playing this game when we all get together. It's challenging and sometimes maddening, but it is definitely our new favorite card game."
Carole, Tampa, FL

"Betty, thank you so much for introducing me to Random Rummy12. It is the most fun I have had playing any card game. I literally sat there six hours without realizing it. I guess time was of no consequence when one starts playing that game. Thank you again and hope to play again soon."
Marie, Marietta, GA

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