Random RummyRandom Rummy

An exciting, new twist on everyone's favorite card game.
A challenging 12-hand rummy game
where skill and luck come together for fun times!

We had so much fun playing Random Rummy12!
In this fast paced world, it's a refreshing way to
spend quality time with friends and family. The
game is "smart" challenging you to strategically
think ahead. I highly recommend Random
Rummy 12. It's an instant classic!
                                                      Nicki - Jasper, GA
The first new really exciting card game in years.
This is a great social game. It takes minutes to
learn the game, but years to master the strategy.
                                                      Norm - San Diego

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Made In The USA
Not responsible for:
   ∙ Flying cards
   ∙ Unkind words
   ∙ Increased blood pressure
   ∙ Uncontrollable laughter
   ∙ A Random Rummy 12 addiction
   * Chill Pills not included
Game includes:
   ∙ 119 Cards
   ∙ Instructions
   ∙ Score Sheets
   ∙ Tons of Fun

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